“Our calves are born and raised on the exact same ranch that my great grandparents once raised Hereford cattle. I am the 5th generation of ranchers on this land and take great pride in producing amazing beef on this ranch that has been in my family since 1935.”

– Kristen Null, Owner

Premium Quality

American Wagyu Beef is some of the highest quality beef available in the United States. Marked by the distinctive marbling, our beef promises a succulent and incomparably rich taste.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to ensure that all calves from birth to harvest never receive antibiotics, feed additives or growth enhancements. The calves are grass fed for the first seven to eight months of their lives while still with their mommas. Then the calves are weaned for forty-five days. Once weaned they are moved into a local feeding facility. During this phase the calves have shade, ample room to move about, fresh water and fed a well balanced vegetarian diet three times a day. Once the finished cattle have reached the ideal weight they will be shipped five at a time to a local harvesting facility. We insist that each beef is Dry-Aged for at least twenty-one days. This process is time consuming and expensive, and what enhances the quality. The end result produces a beef experience like none other. Dry-Aging locks in the robust beefy flavor and produces an extremely tender beef.

Resturants Quality Beef & Steaks

Some of the restaurants and catering companies that has featured our beef.